I came across this interesting blog which introduses 100 ways you should be using Facebook in classroom.

Tip number 59 was specifically interesting to me :

  • Continue discussions on Facebook: If you’re finding that an interesting discussion is taking up too much classroom time, ask students to simply continue the discussion on Facebook and move on.

Top 10 reasons to use technology in classroom


I found this very interesting video on YouTube as I was looking for a useful video or article on application of technology in education.

In this video you can find out about 10 different reasons on why it is beneficial to use technological tools such as iPads in classroom.
To mention some of the reasons I should point out :

1- It engages the four key components to learning, which are active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback.

2- Professional Development
Using new technology helps the students learn other computer-based skills better and it eases their way of getting the future jobs which need computer skills.


In order to improve students’ motivation, integrated language skill and self-learning environment, teachers of English have integrated technology in in ELT classroom.

I came across this very interesting article on how integration of media technology, internet for instance had an impact on the students’ writng and listening skill in the University of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia. I thoght it might be useful for citation of Language Technology assignments.

The research shows that technological devices are indispensable in modern teaching scenario.  

Interactive Whiteboard in the language classroom


The following video shows the usage of an interesting new technology in language classroom.
It is called ‘Interactive Whiteboard’ which is a combination of computer, projector and screen and is directly controlled from the screen with a finger touch.

There are some very useful points in using such a device in language classroom :

1- It provides learning experiences with a group focus.

2- It is very supportive and encouraging for beginner students.

3-This board change to a variety of learning styles.

4- It suits visual, kinesthetic, audio and interpersonal learners.
and finally,
5- It fosters learning in a cooperative, interactive and dynamic environment.